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If time is money, then wasted time is wasted money. The kind of time-wasting activities we’re talking about here are explicit work-related activities that you don’t even realise are costing your business money. We’re talking about mundane admin tasks which add no value — the bane of every company.

A report by the Global Business Travel Association found that a manual process has multiple inefficiencies. For example, completing an expense report takes an average of 20 minutes. Think of all the employees in your company that need to file a report and start multiplying. It becomes a significant number of man hours.

The average cost to process each report? INR 4200!

Rapido Corporate portal is a powerful tool. The receipts are all digital now. No more manual processes. The online portal allows companies to digitize corporate transport. Admins can manage employees and payments, set policies, and get reports on all trip details.


Rapido Corporate was designed to help business owners like you automate as much of these mundane admin tasks as possible, so your employees can focus on producing real value for your customers.

Here are few ways Rapido Corporate can help your business:

  1. Centralise operations: Our Rapido Corporate dashboard is a convenient one-stop solution where you can manage permissions that work for your business — boosting efficiency and reducing time spent on admin
  2. Hassle-free travel and expense management: Say bye-bye to manually pasting receipts for transportation and travel expenses — your employees will love it. With the added advantage of setting ride limits you only pay for the rides they take.
  3. Show your team you care: Get your employees to and from the office without stress by helping to cover the cost of a ride with Rapido. A quick and easy commute option available to them 24/7.


Assuming a company in India spends about INR 2,000,000 on 10,000 trips a month. And say there are 500 employees, about half of whom claim travel expenses.

If this company switches from internally processing their claims to the Rapido Corporate portal, it will save approximately 60,000 hours a year — just in processing time. At an average hourly labour cost across the region, that is INR 10,800,000 savings.

Not only this, feedback from our existing clients report a 25%+ boost in productivity, which essentially saves an average company INR 21,600,000 and the rates of a rapido ride is almost 30% less than that of cabs, this saves the company an additional INR 6,00,000.

So just by switching to Rapido Corporate, an average company in India can save a total of INR 33,000,000. Not bad.

Increase business efficiency and deliver more value today, with Rapido Corporate.



Efficient, quick and affordable employee travel solution for your organisation.

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Rapido Corporate

Efficient, quick and affordable employee travel solution for your organisation.