Delight your Customers with this

Delight your customers with this!

It’s time to reach the new customers and give them the importance they deserve.

Keeping convenience at the core, we came up with Rapido Coupons to significantly speed up the process of coordinating courtesy rides for customers and guests, especially for companies in the service sector.

What comes with Rapido Coupons?

With features such as one-click trips, on-demand and easy availability, businesses are able to service their customer needs and get them on the road to where they’d like to be, faster.

A dashboard that works harder for you

The Rapido Corporate dashboard makes ordering, tracking, and managing customer rides simple and efficient.

It’s simple, it helps you put more convenience of Rapido in the hands of your customers.

You get the option to choose how the voucher works, control the amount you want to give out to your customer and much more.

Let your customers know you value them with the help of Rapido Coupons.

Not convinced? Learn from our partners.

The Business Need?

One of the leading luxury 2 wheeler automobile companies realised that the biggest pain point for customers while dropping off their vehicles at service centres was getting to their next destination during the time they were without a mode of transport, and this significantly affected their customer satisfaction.

They piloted the use of Rapido Coupons helped them eliminate the stress and complexities involved in commute issues when they couldn’t use their vehicles. This worked wonders for them and their Customer Satisfaction score improved by ~ 30%, since the Rapido Coupons was provided as a value add to their customers, and paid for by the 2 wheeler company.

Not only automotive, co-working spaces are working with us to unlock this use case to their advantage. They use it as an offering to give their seats to clients to ensure that end to end travel is taken care of for companies based out of co-working spaces. It’s always better to know that while you are building your business, you can return home safe and sound from your office without the stress of booking a ride.

These are just some of the many ways this feature can be unlocked. Understand how you can leverage it for your business, get in touch with us now.



Efficient, quick and affordable employee travel solution for your organisation.

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Rapido Corporate

Efficient, quick and affordable employee travel solution for your organisation.